"Around the coin on compliance", 27 March 2019.

This is a podcast series on AML/CFT compliance. Our first show touches upon what compliance stands for? Who needs to do it? How big and relevant is today’s compliance industry? What to make of the unhappy marriage of placing AML and CFT under one legal umbrella? The show also looks into the history of the AML/CFT legal framework and what makes it important now?By reflecting upon the past 30 years of AML regulation and almost 20 years of the War on Terrorism Financing, the effectiveness question remains on the table and the call for a new approach – AML/CFT 2.0 – becomes louder. 

BNR Nieuwsradio, 25 February 2019

Interview (in Dutch) with Prof. dr. Marieke de Goede about our CFT policy evaluation for the Dutch government. "Why is effectiveness of CFT policy hard  to measure? Short answer 1. lack of clear objectives, 2. the methodological challenge of measuring preventive action and 3. insufficient transparency of public actors about actual results".

BNR Nieuwsradio, 7 February 2017

Interview (in Dutch) with dr. Mara Wesseling on the costs of terrorism financing, low budget terrorist attacks in Europe and the challenges of early detection of suspicious transactions.